3M 1080 Film Series Vehicle Wrap



One of the most affordable and effective ways to market your business is vehicle signage. Buses have been doing it for decades… why? Because it works!

And now vehicle signage has progressed beyond permanent painted duco or clunky, vision impairing billboards. The innovative 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film 1080 Series allows you to create eye-catching vehicle graphics that are, visually appealing, easy to apply, and when you’re ready, it’s easy to remove.

One of Australia’s leading vehicle wrap companies, Vehicle Wraps Australia, based in Hendra QLD do not compromise. Owners John Croston and Dion Beitzel have perfected the art of vehicle wrapping due to their dedicated focus on producing the highest quality work. For this reason, they enjoy an impressive list of clients and their business continues to go from strength to strength.

Recently the team at Vehicle Wraps Australia were introduced to the new 3M 1080 Film Series. John took a few samples from HVG to experiment with. He was excited about the carbon fibre finish, which gave an authentic finish, and the possibilities that it could lend itself. He and Dion were equally impressed when they received samples of the matt silver, matt black and matt white. Creative juices went into ‘over-drive’!

After they used the films on several vehicles we caught up with John & Dion and asked them what they thought of these new products….

Why is this product so suitable for this particular application?

I found the new 3M 1080 series to be very user friendly for vehicle wraps. It was easy to apply, even into tough tight areas. It went on with almost no air pockets, and the few air pockets that did arise were simple enough to remove. I’d have to say this is the best vehicle wrap film that our team has used. The other smart thing about this product is the1524 mm width allowing us to cover a car bonnet completely without cuts or seams.  I like the fact that the film is ready to use straight from the box - A 3.5mil Controltac dual cast film with comply adhesive, requiring no over-laminate. How clever (and time efficient) is that?

Why did you choose this particular product?

Our HVG account manager, Scott Dauth had given us a few samples to try. We saw these films as something new and innovative to promote to our clients. I liked that they were a little bit unique and gave us a point of differentiation.

We tested a small piece and found it simple to use. We then showed the wrapped results to a client and they were as excited about the finish as we were.  The rest is history! We wrapped his utility, which turned out really special and the client was suitably impressed with the results and now is in the process of having the rest of his fleet wrapped as well.

What advantages it has over competitor products?

The film was just easy to use. It’s very forgiving, very conformable, while at the same time it’s very tough. We wrap a lot of cars, that’s the nature of our business, and we have a high reputation to uphold. Our clients expect perfection. This 3M 1080 series film is the ideal film for the work we do, and allows us to exceed all client expectation. Our clients entrust their cars to us, so we simply cant afford to use anything but the best!

What are other/similar applications for the products?

Our core-business is wrapping cars, making them visually appealing and stand out in a crowd. However, we’ll wrap just about anything that can be wrapped. We’ve wrapped other things like car interior parts, fishing boats, surfboards even some coffee machines and with this film It performs well in all these applications. We’ll try to wrap anything and stretch the boundaries of the film’s application. We love a challenge.

What about the lifespan of wrapped cars and other products?

We expect wrapped vehicles to last a few years as they get hit with all the elements all day every day. We also encourage customers to keep their vehicles looking fresh. 3M products are renown for good longevity, however we need to be realistic. Australia has a harsh climate so we find it better to suggest clients talk to us when they want to freshen up their vehicle image rather than quoting a given period of time. If a customer insists on a specific lifespan we talk to the experts at HVG. HVG, together with 3M provide us with the correct information and product support so we can provide our clients with accurate information.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, like any new product you always want more. We’ve now used the carbon fibre and the black and silver, what other colours and new effects will be available? Will the 3M 1080 series continue to evolve?

To answer John’s question… Yes, the range will continue to grow and soon there will be a few more exciting colours.

Fast facts:

  • Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors that offer a
  • Unique, head-turning look
  • Perfect for the fast-growing vehicle wrap market
  • No printing. No overlaminate. Open the box and start wrapping
  • Growing range of colours & finishes
  • Flexible film allowing application on a range of surfaces and increased conformability
  • 1524mm wide rolls mean you can cover entire sections
  • 3.5 mil dual cast film with no lamination required
  • Comply adhesive allows easy application across the surface for precision fitting and matching during application
  • It also allows for clean and fast removability when you want to remove it

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