3M 3630 Lights Up an Iconic Building


Iconic Brand Lights Up an Iconic Building

To have a sign atop of one of Sydney’s iconic buildings is prime marketing real estate, and an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day. And many things must be considered to maximise this golden opportunity.

When Brisbane-based sign specialists, Signs Etc were contracted by Claude Neon to produce the Westfield sign to be affixed to the top of Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower, home to the new Westfield, a lot of thought
had to be taken. This was not your typical sign job!

Due to the stature of the building and the prime location in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the sign had to be big and bright to be noticed high above street level. This location equals massive brand exposure, so you can’t be a shrinking violet. However, the flip side of such a location, the sign must be able to withstand public scrutiny and the forces of Mother Nature.

On top of size and stability of the sign, another factor adding pressure to the job was the brand’s stipulations in regards to font and colour - it is paramount you get it right.

“Because of the perfect colour matching of the Translucent Graphic Film 3M 3630 series it was ideal for the job. The translucency also allows for effective internal LED illumination without distorting the colour”, says Wolf
Kay of Signs Etc.

“The client did specify we use the 3M 3630 for this job, although we’ve been using 3M products for years. There’s no doubt they are a superior product, second to none. The 3M products are slightly more expensive, but it’s worth paying that little bit extra for the consistency and reliability

“The Westfield sign is in three big pieces, and one of the beauties of this product is its large rolls without joins. To create a sign of this magnitude there is little room for error so you need a reliable product. The 3M 3630 is a versatile vinyl, and in all honesty, very easy to apply,” says Wolf.

The sign was in three parts, each with a height of 6.3m, width of 20m and weighing 2.2 tons each. It took over 3 months to construct and then over 12 hours to assemble in the bustling Sydney Street before being airlifted
by helicopter to affix to the exterior of the building.

If that wasn’t enough, the sign had to be able to withstand heavy winds and support itself while being lifted into position.

“There was a bit of pressure on this job since time-frames were tight and construction was large-scale. Thankfully HVG were able to deliver the specific colour-match 3M vinyl, and the client was more than happy with the end result.”

“HVG know this product inside-out and their Graphics people were able to help guide us to get the most out of the design. If it wasn’t for their involvement we may have not got the end result we wanted, in the timeframe available. They pulled out all stops to make it possible, going over and beyond!” says Wolf.

Designed to dazzle would-be shoppers below, and withstand intense exposure to wind, rain and sun, the Westfield sign stands loud and proud on top of Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower. 


Fast facts

  • Translucent, cast vinyl film

  • ·Large selection of colours, many with Pantone colour match

    ·Uniform colour in both reflective and transmitted light

    ·Low gloss surface eliminating glare

    ·Vinyl with stands all weather conditions. It doesn’t split when wet or affected by humidity.

    ·Durable and has a very long lifespan making it very suitable for outdoor use.

    ·Perfect colour match

    ·No joins in the roll so suitable for large signs

    ·Available nationally


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