Carbon Fibre and Skills Institute Truck


The Skills Institute Truck gives new meaning to Grey Nomads!

Up-skilling and enhancing your grey matter couldn’t be easier with the Skills Institute Mobile Training Centre. The Skills Institute offers world-leading training in various sectors and delivers these training programs to your door in a smartly signed long-haul truck!

Creating the signage for this mobile training centre (aka the Skills Truck) was a unique challenge. The material had to be able to withstand printing, cover a vast area, and is rigid enough to provide structure for the training centre.

Adam Head of Ballarat Signs was up for the challenge. “The design concept was done by Hobart Designer, John Simpson. His design was presented to simulate a carbon fibre look. Ballarat Signs became involved to source the right material for the signage, understand the material, and provide a polished, finished look.”

“Due to the expanse of the area requiring signage, we had to use a join. And because of the pattern, the joins had to be dead accurate for the pattern to appear seamless.

“We researched existing suppliers products and found the roll width wasn’t common and no cast conformable material was available, only polyesters, which were not at all suitable,” says Adam.

Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) had just released their new addition to their Sign Range – Carbon Fibre. This Carbon Fibre has great airflow ensuring bubble-free application and permanent adhesive for enhanced staying power. It also has a realistic and quality finish adding to its appeal.

For Ballarat Signs this new product was a Godsend.

“For us, the main benefit of this Carbon Fibre was the fact it enabled us to simulate a true carbon fibre look. It was also a one-step process to apply and conform, making our job less complicated then it could have been. This was really the only product that ticked all the boxes for this type of project.”

“One of the reasons Ballarat Signs chose this product was for the fact it gave a more realistic look and feel, opposed to a digitally printed pattern. Also, the durability of the Carbon Fibre wears a lot longer than a printed film. This was especially appealing for such a demanding application,” says Alistair Smith, Graphics Account Manager, HVG.
“Following product bulletins (provided by 3M™ and HVG) and correct preparation & application procedures leaves you with peace of mind when tackling projects of this nature,” says Adam.

As the nomadic Skills Truck travels the countryside Adam concludes, “The feedback has been nothing but positive from everyone involved. Nearly a year down the track I’d say no news is good news!!

Fast Facts:

3M™ Architectural Finishes are durable, cleanable, flexible PVC films with 3M's Comply Adhesive air release channels for fast, easy and virtually bubble-free application.

Use architectural finishes in place of or to enhance natural materials. These architectural finishes have excellent adhesion and flexibility, allowing them to be used indoors or outdoors on flat or complex curved substrates, walls, furniture, fixtures, etc. Some of the architectural finishes can also be applied to 3-dimensional surfaces and/or thermoformed. These products are ideal for both new construction and remodeling.

Uses for HVG’s carbon Fibre:

  • Fleet marking on a large-scale
  • Car Bonnets
  • Spoilers
  • Mirrors
  • Boat and car dashboards and internals
  • Motorbike shrouds and tanks
  • Go-carts and skateboards
  • Office equipment, laptops and iPads
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