Dibond for Show-Stopping Mitsubishi Display


One day as a tiger is worth 1,000 days as a sheep - ancient Chinese proverb

Targeted Expos are a great way to showcase your wares, however don’t expect to draw a crowd if your stand lacks a little lustre! Row upon row of similar show-stands selling similar products can become a blur. So how do you get your stand to ‘stand’ out and attract the crowds?According to Geoff Sykes of Rodney Robertson & Associates, quality signage can make all the difference. First impressions are lasting - a good sign stands out in a crowd and leaves a long-lasting, positive impression.

Both Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz engaged Rodney Robertson & Associates to create their high-impact exhibition signage - large, colourful sign panels that reinforced the superior quality for which these brands are renowned.

The materials used for the signage were the ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) substrates DIBOND and DIBOND Digital. These materials were chosen for their versatility and high definition print and image reproduction.

The impressive signage attracted strong traffic around these stands, which was exactly the desired result.

Like Mercedes Benz, DIBOND comes with European quality and numerous unique features. Where it differs from Mercedes Benz is that DIBOND remains extremely affordable!

The extension of the original DIBOND is DIBOND Digital. This is the first Aluminium Composite Material with a lacquer system that allows for direct-to-substrate digital printing. The lacquer improves ink adhesion of UV-curing and solvent-based inks, while the flatness of the panel allows printing with very fine structures and lines with a clear, sharp print finish, and at an increased printing speed, making it an ideal product for digital printers.

DIBOND is a lightweight composite panel that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Uses include - but are not limited to – signage, shopfitting, digital printing, exhibition stand construction, POS, POP and photo mounting.

“DIBOND Digital is infinitely versatile and very cost-effective, so customers are increasingly using it for all sorts of applications, including internal and external signage, exhibitions and event marketing,” says Mark Thomson, Account Manager of HVG Graphics Media, distributors of DIBOND and DIBOND Digital nationally.

“DIBOND Digital gave us the quality and printability that we were looking for with the Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz projects, which required high quality imaging.”

“DIBOND and DIBOND Digital are consistently superior to their competitors when it comes to router-cutting and folding. We’ve found there are much less problems with the front surface splitting after being router-cut. We have used DIBOND and DIBOND Digital for many other digital print jobs and consistently find it to be the best option available for exhibition signage and display panels,” he says.

All DIBOND and DIBOND Digital supplied in Australia is manufactured at the 3A Composites plant in southern Germany.

Dedicated to providing the largest range of sizes, finishes and stockholdings, HVG introduced eight new colours to its DIBOND palette last year, including Light Blue, Chocolate Brown, Yellow Green, Traffic Orange, Light Beige, Light Bronze Metallic, Sand Gloss Metallic and Graphite Gloss Metallic.

The Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz signage are a great show-case of what can be achieved with DIBOND Digital. A little bit of creativity can go a long way with the versatility of DIBOND Digital. Trade shows will soon be a rainbow of enticement. Where sign-makers will take this product in the future - only time will tell!

Fast Facts

  • Light in weight, yet extremely durable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available in 2mm and 3mm thickness, with a 0.2mm aluminium skin
  • Vandal-resistant material, particularly when printed with UV-cured ink and finished with anti-graffiti laminate
  • Available in numerous colours, including a metallic range
  • Completely recyclable, making it the ultimate environmentally friendly material
  • Many applications, including signage, exhibitions and event marketing, photo mounting, advertising hoardings and other projects requiring high quality imaging

DIBOND Digital is available nationally through HVG Graphics Media.

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