Re-board at Eco Abitare 2009


At Eco Abitare 2009, the eco-living dwelling exhibition held in Milan,this wonderful 60sqm stand was designed and built by DP Digital Point. It was constructed solely from Re-board. The customer required material that is sensitive to environment, can accept colorful graphics and is fully recyclable in an innovative way. Moreover, the wide structure of the central crown required the use of a light material. A trial was added to the need to build the booth in record time: all this was completed in 10 working hours utilising 3 people.

Products in Action

Product Code RBWH2440122010
Supplier Design Force Ab
Description Re-board® is a premium white engineered, natural fluted cardboard sheet that is durable, lightweight, strong and eco-smart. Suitable as both a construction material and a display communication medium, thanks to good structural strength and great printing properties. Easy to print, mount, cut and handle and supports large and creative displays. It is durable and if edged and sealed, it can be water resistant for short-term displays. Easy to set-up structures. Improved new premium liner made from 100% ECF renewable virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests. 100% RECYCLABLE.

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