Re-Board™ at Visual Impact May 2011


We all want a product that not only does the job, but also one that isn’t going to break the bank. It also has to be kind to the environment, doesn’t require a degree to assemble, is durable, and mostly importantly, it looks good.

Quite a tall order, and some products may tick some of those boxes, but it is rare that you will find a product that ticks all of the boxes! That is until Re-Board became available.

Re-board is literally a cardboard product. The board is a patented sandwich construction, even though it is light, it has excellent strength properties. This makes it possible to produce ramps, large 3Dmodels for fairs and events, marketing materials, and semi-permanent furnishing using Re-board.

In addition to functioning as a construction material, it is also an effective communication medium thanks to its great printing properties. This gives an added dimension to design and saves costs on printing banners, posters and other marketing assets, as graphics can be printed directly onto Re-Board.

Andrew Parkinson, Managing Director of Parkingsign ( used Re-board for an exhibition Kiosk at a trade show recently, and it caused heads to turn.  

“The primary reason we chose Re-board for the kiosk was the benefits of it being a totally Eco-friendly product. It is totally recyclable. Also, the manufacture of Re-board utilises the most energy efficient methods available and environmentally friendly components such as water based adhesives. The ‘Eco’ aspect is becoming not just a consideration, but also a demand these days. This was a major factor in the decision making process for both Parkingsign and our client,” he says.

“Also, the light weight aspects meant a kiosk of the specs we required would have weighed at least 10 times more if we used traditional products such as MDF. The kiosk was easy to assemble and disassemble, giving us the ability to flat pack. This meant easier transportation and storage of the kiosk. Re-board gave us many more options than any other product we could have potentially used for this application,” says Andrew.

Re-board has many advantages over other light construction materials. Andrew believes the environmental benefits to be the biggest advantage, as opposed to MDF, PVC’s and other less eco-friendly materials. Also the applications are so vast.

“You are really only limited by your imagination and technical understanding of how to work with this product. We have replaced a great deal of our PVC and MDF based display and signage applications with Re-board. Point of sale display is another avenue where we have applied this product. As I previously stated, the use is limited only by imagination”, he says.

Being a paper-based product one may question the life span and durability. Thanks to the special waterproofing layer, Re-board is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Since it is a symmetric construction there is no bending or warping in moist conditions. It can be used for outdoor use when edges are sealed and the print surface sealed by UV gloss lacquer. On request Re-board can be made flame retardant making it safe for trade shows and indoor use.

“Life span for an internal application such as the kiosk could be a lifetime. The only limiting factor here would be handling. Our internal signage applications have been in-situ (in some cases) for 2 years and it isn’t showing signs of failure or wear. We expect to get three to five years from these applications.

I feel this product gives us much more flexibility, allowing for us to drastically improve on traditional methods of manufacture. The ability to assemble and flat pack for storage and reuse was a real benefit with this Kiosk project. However, I sense we’ve only scratched the surface for the applications and use of Re-board in the future”, says Andrew.

Re-board has a whole range of accessories and tools to help create functional designs for simple, easy and quick assembly and disassembly.  

Fast Facts

  • Re-Board is durable, flexible, lightweight, water resistant and eco-smart:
  • Made from a compressed, laminated, sandwich construction, providing excellent strength properties.
  • Flexible. Each product can be unique, with a minimum of cost in the manufacturing process.
  • Easy to mount, handle and store
  • Supports large and creative designs
  • Lower logistic costs
  • 100% recyclable. Re-board can be recycled like regular paper
  • Re-Board accessory system

Re-Board is available nationally through HVG Graphics Media.

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