REV4000 and a Successful Experiment in the Lab!


With so many materials available for signage, it is often only through experience and experiment that leads you to a product that provides the results you want.

Through careful analysis Signlab in Mansfield Park, South Australia has found a material that stands up to the test. The REV 4000 Series Polymeric Vinyl provides the results they are after for a number of their required applications.
Derek Michalanney, Sales and Special Project Manager at Signlab, says “it is a very good all round material, and now we use it for the majority of our print and laminate jobs. We find it’s not only versatile, but also easy to use In all applications.

“Although HVG are our preferred supplier, it isn’t the reason we chose to use this product. With signage, it is all about visual impact, whether at a trade show, on a Billboard or at a shopping centre. You need to make a statement. And if your sign lacks quality and a strong finish, it won’t help your brand.

“With the Rev 4000 series PVC, the finish is a stand-out. The white is white! With the previous vinyl’s we’ve used, we found they were no good for backing up clear prints. The whites in particular tend to have an inconsistent colour wash through it. So when you held the finish product up to the light you could see the imperfections in the colour.

“Also, with some of the previous translucent polymeric vinyl materials we have used we found they had a slight tint, which was not ideal. This new REV 4000 polymeric vinyl is well colour-matched and gives a solid, uniform finish whether it is opaque or clear,” says Derek.

The REV 4000 series Polymeric Vinyl is of European quality. Sometimes a term over-used, but in the case of this material, it is more than fitting. It is robust product with various applications including Billboard advertisements, Outdoor Retail and Real Estate signage, and interior shop signs.

Derek says they have used REV 4000 Series polymeric vinyl in boardroom and office situations. Instead of hanging large paintings, some organisations prefer to place large images of their products or services on the walls. These can be changed as often as required and it is a cost-effective way of keeping the workplace updated. The polymeric vinyl adheres well to other substrates, adding art and wall finishing’s to its many applications.

The quality of the material extends to its printing performance. Because the printability is of such a high standard, the finish is always crisp and sharp. It can also be used in a variety of printers such as solvent, Eco-Solvent and UV Digital print.

“As far as this product goes, it’s a very reliable and honest product. It is hassle-free to use, has excellent print and installation qualities, and even though it is a quality product, it wont break the bank dollar wise. We have put a lot of meterage through the printer and installed it in all number of ways, and we are yet to be disappointed”, says Derek.

Fast facts:

  • Choose from a variety of gloss, matt, clear and white films that offer a unique, head-turning look
  • Can be used for multiple internal and external applications including point of sale and signage.
  • The ever reliable polymeric self adhesive vinyl with permanent adhesive.
  • It has excellent printability, and can be used with a variety of printers such as Solvent, Eco-Solvent, and UV Digital Print
  • Excellent value for money


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