greenHVG: Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

10th November 2021

At HVG Graphics Media, we are constantly evolving our product range to ensure that we are intentional in our product offering.

We refine our portfolio with a focus on the needs of our customers, our grasp of international trends, and our deep-rooted understanding of the Australian market.

We, at HVG Graphics Media, have made a commitment to take our forward thinking another step further and continue to shape our product portfolio with a sustainable future front of mind.

Though our range of environmentally conscious products continues to grow, we are currently stocking and distributing a range of pressure sensitive films, printing media, substrates and fabrics that align with our ecological values and meet sustainability industry standards.

For the latest information on our sustainable offering, please refer to our greenHVG brochure and our greenHVG product selection guide.


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