HVG don’t have a crystal ball but here are some predictions …

19th October 2018

It’s fair to say that travelling to global industry events such as SGIA & Fespa allows HVG Graphics Media to remain at the forefront. These events provide opportunities for discussions with key suppliers as well as providing an insight into what’s around the corner with new trends & emerging markets.

The graphics market is very diverse as well as being very dynamic so its really important that our product portfolio is always under the microscope to ensure it fits with todays needs as well as tomorrow’s. Its also important that we remain at the forefront of technology and invest the time in the education required to manage these emerging product developments. The past year has seen the graphics market develop strength in many sectors so here are some of our predictions for the next year or two ahead.

Floors are a great opportunity for retailers to promote brands and influence buyers. Brand owners recognise this as an emerging market segment that is growing at a significant pace and are occupying more and more floor space with clever advertising. This market is a perfect fit for existing graphics producers as products and manufacturing processes are already in place. For some time we’ve seen floor graphics used in so many retail areas and now see clever use of floor graphics used at sporting events, casinos, airports, cinemas, street graphics & safety zones. The broad variety of base films and over laminates available from HVG Graphics Media means there is a solution for most end use applications.  

Architecturalspaces have emerged alongside product development of exciting new films & we predict they will continue to deliver growth. Window films such as Haze & Sandblast have been available for quite some time but are now being complimented by trend colour tones & various textures for internal & external applications. Product developments have delivered a broad range of decorative glass films which are easy to apply by untrained applicators. Films such as silver etch, frosted, dusted, gold & crystal clear are all finding their way onto window graphics designed by very creative minds.

We foresee wall decoration providing tremendous growth opportunities for our customers. Wall decoration is a blank canvas to the imaginative brand owner & can be used to great effect to influence buying decisions. To some extent retail wall decoration has taken market share from posters & ceiling hangs but at the same time delivers a contemporary on trend advertising method enjoyed by customers with the ability to influence buying decisions. Wall decoration now drives into spaces other than retail as we see walls of cafes & restaurants carrying images & logos representing the brand or painting an impression. We also see wall decoration influencing sporting arenas, directional signage, entertainment precincts, airports, clubs, hotels, business receptions & meeting areas. Wherever you look, regardless of internal or external, there is an opportunity for wall decoration.

As brand owners continue to push producers for more impact we see fabric decoration, in particular backlit fabric, occupying more and more advertising space. Fabric is now being used for so many diverse applications previously occupied by a range of different media. Thanks to fabric manufacturers much of the mystery has gone from printing and finishing fabric. We also recognise print platforms being built with such versatility they can easily manage the many different fabrics now being used for advertising applications. Couple this with properties such as fire retardancy & rear illumination & we see the continued emergence of fabric in so many different end use applications. We see fabric decoration being divided by two different customers, those who print fabric & those about to print fabric.

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