Product Spotlight - Pearl Soft

8th February 2019

HVG Graphics Media fabrics – PEARL SOFT

Travel to any exhibition, through any retail space or airport & you can almost be assured to see brilliant illuminated printed fabrics.

Many of these illuminated light boxes will carry PEARL SOFT as the chosen fabric. PEARL SOFT has become one the leading backlit fabrics throughout the world and is now specified by many leading global brands.

PEARL SOFT forms a part of the DECOPRINT range, manufactured by SENFA, a technical textiles division of the Chargeurs Group based in Alsace France. Senfa focus on manufacturing premium fabrics for backlit display & other graphics applications to meet the ever growing needs of its global customer base. PEARL SOFT was developed as a second generation fabric to improve crease resistance ensuring more trouble free handling, finishing and packing for printers and installers alike. Since its introduction in 2016 PEARL SOFT has become a leading fabric for backlit display applications installed in lightboxes in retail outlets, shopping malls and airports all over the world.


Point of Difference

The brilliant white point is a major point of difference when comparing to other backlit fabrics. This is where PEARL SOFT stands out from the crowd. Couple this with the ultra smooth finish, fire retardant properties, light weight, easy to print & finish and available up to 5m wide its no wonder it has become the number one choice for many international brands. According to Senfa & HVG, the use of textile graphics brings a number of advantages. These solutions are PVC-free and therefore more environmentally friendly as well as being lighter in weight & therefore easier to manage during manufacturing. Lighter & more flexible makes them cheaper to transport and easier to install. Finally, the print looks amazing & this is why major brands continue to insist on PEARL SOFT.

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