KAPA® is a lightweight polyurethane foamboard with plastic coated cellucarton liners, providing enhanced whiteness and added surface durability. Applications include internal signage, displays and POS, digital printing and screen printing.


KAPA®plast White Core

KAPA®plast combines bright white plastic-coated cover layers with a white polyurethane foam core. The surface provides excellent printing results with ideal ink adhesion for screen and UV digital inks. Due to the flatness on both sides, high printing speeds can be achieved with enhanced quality and efficiency. The new white polyurethane foam core is resistant to breaking down when used with solvent adhesives. Full packs only.


KAPA®mount is a lightweight, polyurethane foam board with aluminium reinforced liners and chromo board cover layers. This is a high quality, super smooth mounting foamboard for digital prints and large format photographs, which is very stiff. Usable on both sides it has excellent dimensional stability and is compatible with solvent based adhesives and inks. The grey polyurethane foam core is resistant to solvent adhesives unlike polystyrene boards that "melt" when solvents are applied. Full packs only.


KAPA®tex is a lightweight foam board with high quality surfaces in canvas-look. The board perfectly combines the advantages of a lightweight sandwich material, dimensional stability and handling with the look and feel of a canvas structure. The textured surface of both sides of KAPA®tex includes a primer finish and is therefore an ideal substrate to achieve fine print images. The polyurethane foam core is resistant to solvent adhesives, unlike polystyrene boards that "melt" when solvents are applied. Full packs only.

Foam-X® Print White

FOAM-X® Print is an ideal digital printing and screen printing substrate, combining ultra-white surface layers with a white polyurethane foam core. The sheet is light, easy to cut, the surface provides excellent printing results and the sheet is easy to laminate, and along with being dimensionally stable, the sheet remains stiff and flat.


KAPA®tech lightweight polyurethane foamboard, with 0.2mm PET coated aluminium skins both sides. Very good dimensional stability and stiffness, having Euroclass B, M1 and EN ISO 13501 fire classifications, suitable for internal as well as external use. Low weight and suitable for printing, KAPA®tech is ideal for hygiene areas and for use in wall cladding and all types of signage and visual communication. Options include 5mm, skin thickness and coloured surfaces.

DISPA® Display Board

DISPA® is the new paper board from 3A Composites with a unique structure of embossed formed paper which gives it strength and rigidity. DISPA® has a patented core that provides a uniquely flat and stable board, delivering high quality print results for both UV digital and screen printing. Lightweight with gloss bright white smooth surfaces, this 100% cellulose fibre (paper) product is 100% recyclable. DISPA® looks great, easy to print and cut, delivers the message and is fully recyclable.

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