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Mounting Adhesives

Mounting adhesives for your photographs and digital prints or looking to laminate prints hung in galleries, museums and retail environments, which provide excellent permanent adhesion to almost all synthetic material including acrylic plastics, PVC films and more.

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DFM499 is an optically clear, double-sided permanent mounting adhesive for face mounting photographs and digital prints onto super smooth transparent surfaces such as glass and acrylic. With the highest level of clarity available, DFM499 creates an invisibe adhesive layer between the print and the clear substrate. This high-quality adhesive has a layer of 25 micron clear permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on each side of a thin,...
Mountac HQ is a quality translucent double-sided self-adhesive lamination film suitable for many graphic mounting applications. It has a 12 micron clear PET carrier film in the middle with a 29 micron permanent adhesive coated on both sides. Mountac HQ is easy to process and provides excellent permanent adhesion to almost all synthetic materials such as acrylic plastics, HIPS, polyester and PVC films, as well as timber, glass or metals....

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