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Adhesive Tapes

From clear tapes to double sided tapes to coloured tapes, we have a range of adhesive tapes suitable for all your application needs.

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3M™ RP45 VHB™ Tape is the ideal solution for most graphics signage applications where you are seeking an alternative option to screws, bolts or rivets. Ideally suited to acrylic signage for internal and external applications. RP45 VHB Tape is a grey 1.1mm thick all-acrylic construction, providing excellent strength as well as conformability. 3M™ RP45™ VHB™ Tape is NOT recommended for facade panel or construction.
3M™ 4910 VHB Tape is a 1.0mm transparent, conformable, high strength tape. 4910 VHB tape has a general purpose adhesive, high solvent resistance and good heat resistance. Excellent for bonding clear materials such as skylights, light boxes, glass doors and translucent signs.
3M™ 4941 VHB tape is a 1.1mm grey premium high performance, conformable, adhesive tape providing excellent adhesion to mismatched surfaces. Excellent adhesion to painted metals for attaching panel stiffeners in architectural cladding. Ideal for bonding and sealing plastic windows into pre-painted control panels and switch gear. 4941 VHB tape has a high resistance to plasticisers and solvents, and good heat resistance.
3M™ 4991 VHB tape is a 2.3mm grey conformable solvent resistant VHB tape. Excellent for bonding painted and unpainted metals architectural panels ACM as well as high surface energy plastics. Good plasticizer resistance.
3M™ 9469 transparent, double sided, 127 micron VHB transfer tape offers a thin profile combined with our high strength acrylic adhesive for a long-lasting bond.
tesa® 4965 double-sided self-adhesive tape consists of PET backing coated with tackified acrylic adhesive supported on a PP liner. This 205 micron adhesive is an excellent choice for bonding acrylic panels and lettering for internal and external signage applications. It can also be used for mounting many other plastic materials.
tesa® 4970 is a 225 micron white double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PVC-film backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. tesa® 4970 tape provides an excellent combination of high tack and immediate adhesion. tesa® 4970 tape carries a high coating weight for good bonding performance on rough or dusty surfaces and is suitable for long term applications.
tesa® 4952 is a 1.2mm thick, double-sided PE-foam tape for constructive mounting applications. It consists of a highly conformable PE-foam backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. tesa® 4952 has been externally certified for furniture mirror mounting. tesa® 4952 is a very versatile adhesive for high immediate adhesion on numerous substrates. This tape is suitable for internal or external applications as it is UV and water resistant.
tesa® ACXplus 7044 is a 1.0mm thick white high bond strength acrylic foam tape suitable for plastic and metal surfaces for internal and external applications. tesa® ACXplus 7044 is primarily characterised by its bonding power stress dissipation and its temperature and weather resistance. tesa® ACXplus 7044 carries a specially formulated adhesive which is able to manage high dynamic load even for difficult materials such as plastics...
tesa® ACXplus 7048 is a 2.0mm thick grey acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high performance acrylic system and is primarily characterized by its bonding power, stress dissipation characteristics, and its temperature and weather resistance. This double-sided acrylic foam tape combines very high adhesion levels with the ability to absorb and dissipate high dynamic loads. tesa® ACXplus performs well on 'hard-to-bond-materials such as...
tesa® ACXplus 7055 is a 1.0mm thick high performance acrylic double-sided tape. Ultra transparent and most suitable for glass, metal, aluminium and acrylic surfaces. Excellent resistance to most chemicals, UV and humidity. tesa® ACXplus 7055 is a 1mm thick tape from a pure acrylic adhesive on a solid acrylic backing.

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