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REVolution™ REV4106 Matte White Supertac Air-Flow Polymeric PVC Rolls

Product Specifications

Adhesive Colour
Adhesive Type
Graphic Colours
Film Appearance
Film Finish
5 Years
PE Air Flow
Material Type
Polymeric PVC

Product information and resources

REVolution REV4106 Matte White Supertac is a matte 80 micron polymeric PVC with a solvent free grey high tack permanent adhesive on a PE coated easy apply air flow liner, backed by a 5 year Australian-wide warranty. This high quality European film is suitable for both short and long term application onto challenging surfaces such as HDPE and PP amongst many others. Fire tested against FR: AS5637.1-2015 Group 1 certified.

REV4106 polymeric vinyl can be printed with a variety of digital inkjet technologies and it is recommended to overlaminate with REV4105 clear or REV4108 Platinum Plus overlaminate films for optimum durability and protection.

The REVolution range offers a selection of widths to maximise your profits and simultaneously minimise excess waste, plus is 100% solvent free, putting the environment first through our green HVG initiative.

With over 14 years of testing in some of Australia's harshest conditions, products have been successfully used across rural, coastal, and urban locations, giving the confidence you need knowing that REVolution can withstand even the toughest conditions.

- REVolution offers excellence in print quality across a range of print and ink technologies.
- 5-year Australia wide manufacturer's warranty.
- Water-based adhesives and are 100% solvent free.
- Manufactured in Europe.

REVolution has produced a range of product that have grown to meet the standard and requirements for all customers. With over 700,000 metres sold in Australia, trust REVolution to give you print consistency and reliability every time.

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