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VIEWClear PET REM Super Clear 1500mm x 50m 75mic Rem UV Adh PET Liner

Product Specifications

Adhesive Type
Graphic Colours
Film Appearance
Film Finish
Material Type
Roll Size
1500mm x 50m

Product information and resources

Introducing VIEW™clear Optically Clear, an extraordinary solution for achieving a no-film appearance on glass surfaces. This super-clear 75-micron polyester film is specifically designed to create optically clear graphics that give the impression of direct printing on glass. With its unique properties, VIEW™Clear Optically Clear allows for visually stunning graphics that seamlessly blend with the glass, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. The film features a clear solvent-based acrylic removable adhesive, ensuring a secure bond to the glass surface. The adhesive allows for wet application, making installation hassle-free and providing flexibility during the positioning process. Should the need arise, the film can be removed, allowing for changeable graphics and minimizing any residue or damage to the glass. VIEW™Clear Optically Clear comes with a clear synthetic release liner which creates a smooth adhesive layer and excellent clarity. Due to the characteristics of polyester, this film is very stable which further enhances its durability and resistance to abrasion, ensuring long-lasting performance and maintaining the clarity of the graphics. When it comes to printing, VIEW™Clear Optically Clear has a top coating making it compatible with UV-cured inkjet technology. This printing method ensures vibrant and high-quality graphics in both colour and white printing, further enhancing impact of the visuals on the glass surface. This film opens up a world of possibilities for creating stunning displays, signage, and promotional materials on glass surfaces. Whether you're looking to enhance storefront windows, office partitions, or any other glass applications, VIEW™Clear Optically Clear provides a seamless and professional finish that leaves the impression of direct printing on the glass. Experience the exceptional quality and versatility of VIEW™Clear Optically Clear and elevate your glass graphics to the highest level of clarity and sophistication. Let your creativity shine through with graphics that seamlessly blend with the glass for a stunning and immersive visual experience.

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