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3M™ Scotchgard Gloss PPF Pro Series

Product Specifications

Adhesive Colour
Adhesive Type
Graphic Colours
Film Appearance
Film Finish
10 Years
Clear Synthetic
Material Type
Premium Films

Product information and resources

Protect car paint and other vulnerable surfaces of the vehicle with 3M Paint Protection Film Series 150. Guard paint against rocks, keys, salt, bugs and the elements with a low maintenance finish to repel against water and dirt scratches, stains and the elements to keep your car looking newer longer. Highly flexible construction easily stretches over difficult contours and conforms into deep recesses. Backed with a 10-year consumer warranty.*

Designed to protect automotive paint and other vulnerable surfaces of the vehicle from stone chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar, stains, automotive fluid stains and punishing outdoor weathering including harsh ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Approved to be used with 3M Pattern Marketplace, the latest innovative digital pattern software with nearly 4,500 quality-tested paint protection film and auto window film patterns going back more than ten model years. Designed with 3Ms installers and products in mind, this cloud-based system offers flexible purchase options, key pattern editing features, and ongoing development to continue delivering intuitive tools to help improve the installation experience.

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