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PhotoTex™ Opaque Self-Adhesive Wall Fabric Rolls

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Product information and resources

Phototex Solvent Opaque, identified by the green tape on the carton, is a versatile white PVC-free polyester fabric designed specifically for creating peel and stick decal right up to significant wall murals on smooth wall and window surfaces. It features a unique light grey acrylic adhesive that is always removable and reusable, making it convenient for temporary applications or repositioning.

The light grey adhesive of Phototex Solvent Opaque provides higher opacity and higher tack compared to the standard PhotoTex fabric, giving it excellent hiding power, especially on colorful and darker wall surfaces. This feature ensures that the underlying surface doesn't affect the vibrancy and clarity of the printed graphics. One of the notable advantages of Phototex Solvent Opaque is its compatibility with various printing platforms. It can be printed using solvent, eco-solvent, and UV print technologies, allowing flexibility in choosing the appropriate printing method based on your requirements.

The fabric is designed to be easy to apply, ensuring a hassle-free installation process and is safe for sensitive environments due to being VOC free. It adheres smoothly to most painted wall finishes when the correct wall preparation guidelines outlined in the available installation guide are followed. This ensures that the fabric applies without leaving unsightly air bubbles or compromising the integrity of the wall surface.

Given the variable nature of wall surfaces and finishes, it is always recommended to conduct an adhesion test prior to installation. This test helps ensure compatibility with the specific surface and allows for any necessary adjustments or preparations to be made.

Phototex Solvent Opaque has undergone fire testing and is certified against FR: AS5637.1-2015. It has achieved Group 1 certification, indicating its compliance with stringent fire safety standards. This makes the fabric suitable for installation in various public and commercial spaces where fire safety regulations must be met.

Overall, Phototex Solvent Opaque offers ease of application, high opacity, compatibility with multiple printing platforms, and fire resistance, making it an excellent choice for creating vibrant and visually striking posters,, decals and wall murals on smooth wall and window surfaces.

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