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Valmex Airtex Wall Graphics

Product Specifications

Graphic Colours
Film Appearance
PE Coated Kraft
Roll Size
3200mm x 50m

Product information and resources

Valmex Airtex Magic FR (white back version) and Duo (opaque light grey back) are high-quality polyester fabrics specifically created for internal wall graphics. These fabrics have a weight of 350g/m2, making them durable and suitable for long-term use.

The surface of Valmex Airtex Magic FR and Duo features a textile texture, providing an appealing visual effect to the printed graphics. Additionally, both sides of the fabric are coated, ensuring scratch resistance, dirt resistance, and hygienic properties. This coating enhances the longevity and cleanliness of the graphics, making them ideal for indoor applications.

The Duo variant of Valmex Airtex features an opaque light grey back coating, which significantly reduces the visibility of any underlying substrate. This feature makes the fabric particularly useful when you want to cover up or hide existing wall colors or patterns, providing a clean and uniform canvas for your printed graphics. Both Valmex Airtex Magic FR and Duo are designed to be printable using UV inks, which offer vibrant colours and excellent image quality. Additionally, these fabrics are certified for use with HP Latex Inks, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance with HP Latex printing technology.

In terms of fire resistance, Valmex Airtex Magic FR and Duo meet several international standards. They are FR (Fire Resistant) certified according to EN 13501-1:B-s2-d0, DIN 4102:B1, ASTM E84, and NFPA 701 Method 2. These certifications indicate that the fabrics have undergone rigorous testing and comply with the specified fire safety regulations, making them suitable for use in public spaces where fire safety is a concern.

Overall, Valmex Airtex Magic FR and Duo provide a combination of durability, visual appeal, ease of printing, and fire resistance, making them excellent choices for creating high-quality internal wall graphics.

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